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Happy Birthday to Me!

Last week was my birthday. It was an awesome day that started off with a good 530A workout. I try to always exercise on the big day as a way to thank my body for hanging in there. Of course, I took a nap when more »

Happy 11th Birthday Baby Nate

Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet, funny, stubborn, loving, sensitive little baby Nate. [WRG id=10878]

Birthday Wishes Warm The Heart Or Something Like That

I was sincerely touched by all of the people in my life & social sphere (in person and online) that took time out of their day to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday. I don’t really grasp the reach and impact the stuff I share more »

Birthday Wishes for Nate Dogg

Happy 10th BIrthday to my Nate Dogg, my challenging, cute, sweet, smart, and mischievous bundle of joy. It’s hard to believe that my youngest is now double digits. It’s another reminder of how time flies… Nate used to love to snuggle, hug and hang out with more »

What Do You Need Today?

Today’s Yoga class theme was thinking about what you need today.  Today, do you need strength: brama or do you need to be more fluid ayama?  It’s interesting to think through. During the stretches, we were told to perform them based on what we needed – note: more »

It’s My Birthday

What a wonderful birthday hearing from people from all the milestones of my life — it’s one of the greatest things about social media –connecting & reconnecting….thank you all for being in my life. I am a very lucky person.

Moving On & Simplifying Your Life

This has been a really long week – lots of great things, lots of life happening. I can honestly say I am finally starting to feel better about everything – my spirits are re-igniting. It’s about friggin’ time too. I don’t like to be in more »

Happy Birthday to the Silver Fox

I think next year for Christmas, I am going to go easy on the number of gifts for each kid. How do you do that though when your kiddos already have these high expectations of what they will receive? Well – I like the suggestions more »

Happy Birthday Mom!

I have started to dehydrate some fruit again and a lot of people have been asking me what dehydrator I use. I don’t have a fancy one — you can find ones that dry out the fruit in a matter of hours. Mine is a more »

Health, Joy & Progress

Yes, today is my birthday! It’s hard to believe another year has passed but if it’s going to pass, I am thankful it was a pretty awesome year. I still feel like a young twenty something chick most days, so it’s hard to believe that more »