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Blogher 11: San Diego – Day 1


Day 1 Friday — I got up early to hit up the expo area and I am glad I did. Later on in the day, that place was packed. There were the typical big name booths – Chase, Lowes, Playskool, P&G to name a few. An interesting common theme was that they would ask that you take a picture and share it via Twitter hashtag in order to be entered into a giveaway. Almost every booth had a hashtag to share with me.I received a hand massage at Chase, fake eyelashes applied at Skinny Cow, a cup of coffee at Nestle, my foot pressure analyzed at Dr Scholls in addition to talking to some very interesting people manning the booths.  Some of those booths were down right amazing and most of the companies were very generous with their give-aways.After walking around half the expo, it was time to head over to the Marriot to attend a Gatorade Moms special event. I wanted to attend this not only because I am an active Mom, who is very interested in inspiring my kids to be fit, but also it was a great opportunity to meet Moms to talk about online learning.

Gatorade Moms had a special suite set up with healthy snacks – gatorade, water, fruit and we were introduced to the head of Gatorade – Sarah Robb O’Hagan who thanked us for being there and then introduced to Gatorade nutritionist consultant, Leslie Bonci and football player LD Tomlinson’s mother. Leslie Bonci spoke to us about proper nutrition and hydration for our kid athletes and LD’d Mom spoke to us about how to help support your kids as they grow into athletes. We were then joined by Brandi Chastain, famous soccer player who talked to us about leading by example for our kids. Her message really resonated with me as this is something I strongly believe in. Kids learn from their parents. Get out there and live a healthy and fit life, your kids will think thats what they should do as well!

When the presentation was over we took a group picture and then I stopped and spoke to Brandi a bit sharing my thoughts on what she said. Brandi and Sarah both spent some time talking to me and listening as I shared my story which I appreciated. It was a very genuine moment with some inspiring women. I was also able to meet quite a few Moms who attended and one even said that she wished she had known about Online Learning last year when she was struggling with her decision to enroll her son in Kindergarten!

After the Gatorade event was over, I headed back into the expo to finish the rounds of the booths and talk and meet some fellow bloggers. It was funny how conversations started — “oh, i love your bag”, or what is the “giveaway in this booth”. Everyone was very open and willing to talk for a bit.

I then attended a session entitled Reaching Brands, which was a panel discussion about how brands reach out to bloggers and vice versa. The panel discussed ways to meet influential people at companies, how to handle pitches and opportunities, and different types of opportunities out there. Very interesting stuff!

By the time it was over, I was tired. I had been sick the days leading up to this event and spent the entire previous day in the hotel bed – sleeping whatever bug I had off. So, I headed back to my hotel for a little rest before gearing up for the famous Blogher Sparklecorn party.

Before I went to the Sparklecorn party, I stopped off to see an old friend at the Hard Rock Hotel and we headed to a small party thrown by some bloggers in a small suite at the Omni. It was fun and I met some more great ladies. Then, it was time for Sparklecorn.

Sparklecorn featured DJ Skribble who DJ’d the beats, some wine/beer, finger foods and lots of people. It was fun although a bit overwhelming. I found it hard to meet people there, so my pal and I headed home early to get rested for the next day.

Back to life, back to reality


Traveling while you are sick sucks. I started getting sick on Tuesday, was not much better on Weds, and by Thursday – getting on a plane was the last thing I wanted to do. But I did .. and got in to San Diego early afternoon and hung out for a bit and realized that I felt worse. I was in bed by late afternoon and did not get up until the next morning to head to Blogher 2011.

I’m back now — with no voice and hacking up a lung from the remnants of whatever bug this is but it was a great trip, a great event and I met some of the most inspiring women. I am working on a recap post of my experience and will share some things I learned, some people I met, and some thoughts I formed while attending.

I was able to meet up with a fellow CrossFitter @Gympressions from New York City via Twitter– Check out her blog! We met around the Marina area and went for a run, then ran a ton of stairs and ended our workout with situps. It was fun to meet someone who loves CrossFit as much as I do and once again, I find that fellow CF athletes are super nice.

Back to life though -and I got up and headed for my normal Monday workout at CrossFit Impavidus.

25 DUs
10 Hollow Rocks
10 Air Squats
10 Push Ups
3 5s L-Sits

Ring Dips

800m run

7 rounds
10lb Wall Ball
10 Ring Dips

800m run
time: 19:06

Remember, I was hacking up a lung while I was running so my time was not my best but after a few days off my routine, I think its respectable.

Back from Blogher 11 in San Diego


I’m back from Blogher. Tired, inspired and still sick if you can believe it! I will post about it all tomorrow –my thoughts, my lesson learned —

but for now –i’m back.

Where are you wellness?


I’ve been sick — started when I got back from CrossFit yesterday and progressively got worse. I have been sleeping it off most of yesterday and today. You know I am sick when I didn’t even get up to go to CrossFit this morning.

I have a big trip planned to San Diego to meet up with other bloggers at Blogher11 this week. My company is sending me to help kick start our blogger outreach efforts. Bloggers are powerful people now a days and I should know. I am a blogger and work for a company that understands how influential they can be in bringing their education options to families nation-wide.

I am hoping for wellness starting right now —-

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