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Amy Schumer: Girl You Don’t Need Makeup

Once again Amy Schumer is awesome. This completely captures what women are faced with day in and day out. We are beautiful inside but yet – we feel like we have to perfectify our looks before we are worthy. AMY SCHUMER CONTINUES TO CRUSH THE more »

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

I saw this posted question the other day and it made me pause. It’s an interesting question to ponder. Now that my daughter is entering her teen years and has started to experience all that goes with it, it has put me in a reflective mood. She has more »

Developing a Positive Body Image

Four straight days of exercise has left me sore — My quads are so sore it hurts to walk down stairs — so today is a rest day. Rest and recovery is just as important as exercise in your overall health and wellness plan. It’s the times more »

Summer Parenting Challenges

One of the challenges of this summer has been my 12 year old daughter is home during the day. She really wasn’t into attending camp this summer – so other than a few weeks where there were specialized camps, she is home. Which means she more »

Stop the Body Shaming

With summer practically here, I’ve been seeing a lot of stories about body image, exercise, and obesity. Nothing like reading about how fat we all are to get us feeling comfortable to get in a bathing suit, right? Yesterday I came across the story of more »

What Reality Really Looks Like

I read this Facebook status this morning and thought it was perfect to share – the past few days, I have been struggling with being engaged in my workouts – I’m really sore and worn out. I am more than thankful that today is a more »

You are CrossFit

Yesterday, I shared On Being a Real CrossFitter on my facebook page and I was surprised to see how many people related. One of my friends even said that she hasn’t yet even bought a CrossFit shirt because she doesn’t feel like a real CrossFitter. It got more »

Tricks of the Trade

I forgot to set my alarm last night, woke up this AM and was thinking – it’s awfully light outside, looked over and saw it was 7A. Well there went my one opportunity to get a workout in today. My friend Britt is moving to more »

The Scale Is Not a Definition Of Your Worth

My friend Will from CFI came to do a workout with me this morning. It meant so much to me that he took the time to come to hang out with me. I have met the most amazing people through CrossFit. It’s one of the more »

Open Your Mind about The Ideal

Sunday morning, as I was doing my regular grocery shopping I saw Camille Leblanc-Bazinet on the cover of Oxygen Magazine in the check out line. I was so proud to see her mainstream. As I was paying for my stuff, I noticed a woman picking it up more »