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Why Do You CrossFit?

So –when you workout and live this healthy life, are you doing it for overall health and wellness or are you doing it to look good? Be honest with yourself.  I came across this postthis morning entitled:  Forget how you look. What can you DO? more »

Saturday Ramblings from Suburbia

My boy is growing up. He tried out for flag football today and from the looks of it, he did pretty well. He was Fast! I really think it’s been the CrossFit Kids he has done that has helped me tremendously! The gym is closed more »

6 Things To Help Me Improve in Thirty Days

I have a lot on my mind — so much so that I woke up with a headache. A lot of what’s on my mind is causing me a lot of grief. First off — I went to my doctor yesterday and accidentally saw the more »

Don’t Be A Slave to the Scale

Another picture to illuminate how the scale does not tell the entire story! Stop being a slave to the scale and live healthy and fit, oh and sore of course!! Here’s another blog entry from yet another female athlete that talks about it, just like I have more »

Is Your Daughter’s Wish To Be Thinner?

What Do You Do When Your 10-Year-Old Girl Says She’s Fat? According to MissRepresentation, 80% of 10-year-old girls say they have been on a diet, and “the number one magic wish for girls 11-17 is to be thinner.” Now, personally, I’m pretty sure I didn’t figure out more »

Stop Being A Slave To The Scale

Are you a slave to the scale? I will admit that I still fight this part of me. I don’t own a scale, haven’t owned one my entire adult life. Why would I want to spend money to own something and give space to something more »

Getting sweaty is not feminine and other myths

What can we do as parents and mentors to encourage and support young girls to embrace physical fitness?  I don’t know about you all, but I know for a fact that women do sweat! Feminine, girly, frilly women – they do. I have seen women more »

CrossFit Games Athlete: Gretchen Kittelberger Inspires Me

Here are the top 3 women in the CrossFit Mid-Atlantic Regionals this past weekend. Christy Phillips, Jen Jones (top spot), Gretchen Kittelberger. All three shaped very differently, all three strong as hell, fit as hell, determined and focused! Notice how they aren’t bulky, man looking women but more »

Change the Voices in Your Head – Start Today!

I coached my first adult CF class solo this AM – rockin the red coaches shirt. It was fun and what was even better was that I could have a cup of coffee before I went! Whoo hoo – that was a treat. Last night, more »

You Look Bulky and Other Annoying Opinions

I have spoken about this before — we all will not fit the mold of that supermodel. Be aware & sensitive to emotions and feelings that may go along with your words… So, you say I “look big”? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! One of my CrossFit more »