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Make Every Day Count


578209_10151226618501105_1289534944_nAnother rest day is here! Hurray. I am sore from all the work this week which was made harder by all the crap food I ate. Birthday weeks are hard!!!

Here are some interesting things I have come across this week around the web:

The Bob Harper talks about how he has embraced the workout that works! (my words of course)

I’m gluten free and strongly believe that everyone should –so this title irks me.  We all need to get rid of Gluten. Period.

How do you help yourself be more positive and happy? Interesting thoughts from this article.

Love those Burpees Said No One Ever


Burpees Suck

Something I did on Monday tweaked my back a bit. It started yesterday afternoon and it’s not super painful but I decided to take a rest day today to just let it heal a bit. It was a hard decision too. Coach Conan is the scheduled coach –it didn’t hurt that burpees were on the docket. I hate those damn burpees but if my back had felt better this AM, I would have gone.

My 6A workouts are really my saving grace some days — not only for the stress release but for the sheer joy of being around people who are bettering themselves and living a healthy life.

Some days I just stop and realize I live a very busy life and maybe I should scale back. The problem is — for the most part, the things that I choose to do extra in my life are things I love, so they don’t feel like work.

How I feel about all of it depends on the day of the week, month of the year – some days I love it all, other days it exhausts me.  It’s probably just PMS!! (said most men after reading this!)

As a part of my workouts, we have been doing sub maximal loads — training in the 50-60% range for back squats which at first felt very odd to me. But yesterday, during our back squat workout, my PR was 35# heavier than previous and I attribute it to that training approach. Give it a look and see what you think: Westside Barbell

CrossFit Kids is the Way!


Coached a great group of athletes this AM as I covered for Coach Nick at 6A.  Knowing you are going to coach a fun group of people helps alot in getting your butt up and out the door.  I also coached last night — totally different feel with the evening people but still just as fun!

Here’s a great article about CrossFit Kids in the Washington Post. Getting the word out about how great this program is for kids is just about as good as ice cream! Our classes are getting fuller with kids — learning fun ways to get fit and setting up the right foundation for health and fitness in their adult lives. Love It!

CrossFit Kids gets children to exercise

Thousands of children around the globe are now part of the CrossFit Kids program, which was established in 2004, almost by accident. “I couldn’t find any adults to do it,” says Jeff Martin. So he and his wife, Mikki, began teaching children in Ramona, Calif., and soon CrossFit founder Greg Glassman asked them to formally create CrossFit Kids.


As CrossFit Explodes on the Scene, I wonder…


I clipped my ankle this AM while doing my workout — and it stunned me but I shook it off and continued on with the workout so it should be interesting to see if the reason I am not feeling pain is from the adrenaline or because it was minor. I am hoping the latter of course. I am trying a new approach during my workouts — to remember that I am not competing against anyone and the goal for me is progress. I am not in the running for the CrossFit Games and training is not my full time career. This is ME time and it’s time to exercise and and have fun with my friends. I have to check myself sometimes because I tend to forget this is for fun and not take it too seriously.

Today during our post workout stretching we made plans for getting my hair done with a friend this Saturday. Multi-tasking at its finest!

My posts recently have been about the marketing push for CrossFit. As someone who has been involved in some way with it for a while, it’s fascinating to me to see something go from small to explosion right before your eyes. I saw it happen with AOL when I started there in 1995 and the internet was just starting to hit the mainstream and I see it now with CrossFit. With their partnership with Reebok, it’s going to be a good business lesson watching this all play out. Did they make the right decisions, will it ‘sell out’ the passion of the sport,  how will the elite athletes fare, will it lose it’s community?  It’s a wait and see scenario.

It’s fun to have this perspective — but as I share this info, I want to make sure that anyone that reads my blog knows it’s not the only way. I love CrossFit and how it has helped me with all aspects of my life. But I also realize it’s not right for everyone. My only hope as I share this info is that you will find something that you are as passionate about in your life whether it be fitness or life related. As for fitness, I believe everyone needs to find their own thing — and you have to figure out what you like and don’t like about your fitness routine and start there. Maybe you like to run for hours on end — then a complete CrossFit program definitely is not for you, but you can add some strength training into your routine at your local gym. I just want to expose everyone to a complete training program as opposed to training for just one sport or hobby –it definitely will enhance your specialized interest. Trust me – I have seen it with my own eyes! Be open to new approaches –that’s the key take away!




25 Double Unders
25ft bear crawl
25ft Walking Lunges


Ground to OH


bar facing burpees
ground to OH 65#/95#

time: 10:23

I know it’s excuses but man, I can not breathe during burpees and then to have to Power Clean/Push Press that weight up – I seriously began to feel nauseous and then throw in the clipped ankle. It was definitely tough. I guess that’s the reason that I was feeling like I have to remind myself it’s not about winning, it’s about progressing. I am thinking of taking a few days off in a row to see how my performance improves because i think my body is screaming at me to recover — it’s hard for me to tell whether it’s just normal wear and tear or something deeper. I am also probably somewhat hormonal at the moment so that could be it too. Ramble, ramble, ramble…


Reebok: Putting their money where their mouth is


Reebok is the major sponsor of Crossfit so it’s good from that perspective that they are putting their money where their mouth is.  Like many of the community, I am interested in seeing what mainstream recognition brings to CrossFit –the good and the bad. Should be very interesting…

Reebok on a mission to get its employees fit

The company started with its own out-of-shape employees to spark a fitness revolution — as well as build confidence and camaraderie

CANTON – To be blunt, Peggy Baker is an overweight, middle-age diabetic. Until last year, she had never lifted a kettlebell or done a box jump in her life.

The 54-year-old is also a Reebok employee and the poster child for the company’s new mission: to get consumers moving by setting an example with its own workforce.

Baker is one of about 425 employees at Reebok who are taking part in a new fitness program that is transforming the sneaker maker’s Canton headquarters. Participants lost over 4,000 pounds collectively during 2011 – roughly the weight of an small SUV.

These workouts, called CrossFit, combine sprinting, gymnastics, powerlifting, kettlebell training, weightlifting, rowing, and medicine ball training, among other activities. The program is making waves at Reebok and gaining traction as one of the fastest-growing fitness movements in the United States. Reebok is capitalizing on the momentum with its first global marketing campaign featuring CrossFit, which will air during Sunday’s NFL divisional playoff between the New York Giants and Green Bay Packers.

The TV spot will feature chiseled athletes, but it also aims to show that CrossFit is as much about community, confidence building, competition, and camaraderie as it is about exercise and training.

Self Magazine talks CrossFit Games


Meet the “Fittest Female On Earth”

Self Magazine isn’t exactly the role model of fitness/health/wellness magazines, but any press about CrossFit and how it can help set you on a path to wellness is good press.

The toughest part of the weekend- not knowing what’s in store. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that develops competence in ten areas of fitness: cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy. Life is unpredictable, so part of CrossFit’s methodology is to train athletes (yep, even if we’re not competing, we’re all athletes at some level) for any task necessary and the Rebook CrossFit games tested just that… workouts were not announced until just before each event!

This year’s fittest female on Earth recommends a clean diet. Not only will it help fuelworkouts, but it will keep the body lean. “Try to choose as little processed food as possible. Know what you’re putting into your body,” Annie says. But don’t worry about being overly strict, even Annie indulges in dark chocolate, “I have it every single day!”

Going Light on the Lady


I woke up with a sore throat so when I woke up this morning, I had some hot lemon tea so I could be ready for a workout. And today’s workout was all kinds of suck – as my fellow athlete Jon likes to say. It was one of the Girls of CrossFit – Nancy.  Because I assume that the Girls of CrossFit were named after former girl friends — I can only imagine what a crappy girlfriend some of these ladies were and Nancy is no exception.

10 squats
10 push ups
10 Kick to Handstands
10 Hamstring stretch
10 Pass thrus

Handstand progressions

Five rounds for time of:
400 meter run
33lb Overhead squat, 15 reps
time: 16:36

I went light with my weight today. My throat is sore and I feel run down so I brought 80% today. 33lb OHS is too light for me in general but my body is sore — and sometimes going light is the right thing to do.

I’m about to head off for a business trip — and of course I am trying to plan and figure out when I will be able to fit in some workouts. I emailed a CrossFit box in the area and they said – drop on in! So, that’s my plan and I am going to make as sure as I can that it happens.

Crazy Day = Crazy Workout


A crazy day calls for a crazy workout —

800m jog
10 pass thrus
10 bendy whirly birds
10 OHS
10 Good Mornings

teams of 4 baseball
home base = lunges
1st base = kb swings
2nd base = squats
3rd base = double unders
3rounds at 2m = you run to the next base
team told was counted.

Our team had 2 newbies to CrossFit. I don’t mind because for me — the workout counts and I love meeting new athletes discovering it. Gives a fresh perspective on how far I have come. I gotta tell you though – this workout smoked me. I was dead tired at the end and it was hot, so I didn’t stop sweating for a good hour after the workout.

I then headed to Kennedy Center to see Wicked. It’s cool to get out and do something different. I live near a super fun, historical place and don’t take advantage of all it has to offer. Alot has to do with how much cash it all costs to do. We had to get a babysitter, pay for the show tickets, parking, dinner out — you can just imagine how much that cost. But it’s worth it once in a while –

Reebok & CrossFit


CrossFit’s Relationship with Reebok Enhances Its Financial and Commercial Credibility

And Reebok has gone so far as to embrace and incorporate the CrossFit training regime into their corporate philosophy as well as their day-to-day operations.  ”Reebok is really going full-bore, having opened up a CrossFit gym at Reebok HQ and hiring two elite CrossFit athletes as coaches for their staff”, according to Kareem Mayan.  Mr. Mayan is the co-founder of, a “WOD” tracking site for CrossFit affiliates.  WOD stands for ‘Workout of the Day’, and it’s these daily workouts that craft and sculpt some of the fittest athletes in the world.

Reebok has obviously bought in without muscling in.  The feedback I’ve received from several CrossFit athletes is that Reebok has embraced their feedback on product design, which strategically will only build a stronger brand with the CrossFit demographic going forward and ultimately help the company produce the best-quality possible in both footwear and athletic wear for the elite athlete.

CrossFit Certified – Level 1


 CrossFit L1 certification at Reston Crossfit- July 2011

It’s true — you can now call me Coach Steph! Has a nice ring to it don’t you think. The truth is it’s only the beginning. I have lots to learn and now I have to shadow some experienced coaches to really learn how to Coach. And i think I have said this before –what I really want to focus on is CrossFit Kids. Helping Kids develop a healthy foundation is really important to all of us –and I love to see and learn about how they approach it all.  That’s my next goal –CF Kids cert.

I took a ton of notes from my cert class and will be sharing what I have learned over the next week or so. I am so inspired not only by the info I learned, but the people I met. The team of coaches that ran the cert were top-notch. Very experienced, bad ass athletes who know how to train all fitness levels. And maybe it was just in my head, but they really took time to get to know your name and coach to your strengths.

During the course of the weekend we did Fran, a team WOD (8m kb swings, push-ups, 400m run), Pull up clinic, Muscle up clinic and muscle snatch clinic- in addition to learning and practicing the 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit – 1)dead lift, 2)sumo deadlift high pull, 3)clean, 4)squat, 5)front squat, 6)overhead squat, 7)press, 8)push press, 9)push jerk. The weekend went like this –

DAY 1:  intro, lecture, get up and move, lecture, practice, lecture, practice, lunch, lecture, practice, lecture, practice — Fran 8:20 (35lb, jumping p-ups)

DAY 2:  welcome, review, practice, nutrition lecture, pull up clinic, Team WOD (w/warmup), lunch, programming lecture, muscle up clinic/muscle snatch — TEST time — 1h later, goodbye and find out if you passed.

And no time during the weekend, did I feel that I didn’t belong there or couldn’t be counted among the athletes. Coaches Nicole and Christmas were especially inspiring to me. As I said my goodbyes to them — I shared a bit about my blog and story and I just can’t even describe how  much it meant to me that they really took the time to listen and get what I am about. I actually started to tear up when sharing –there is something very FULL CIRCLE for me about getting this cert.

Although I had been doing HIIT training at my first bootcamp — it was at CrossFit Reston that I took my first official CrossFit class. I even wrote about them back in Feb 2010. So to get my certification here — and see Jeff and Maggie as a part of it, was emotional for me. I don’t know if anyone out there gets it — the redefinition of who I am is huge for me. I was not athlete Steph growing up and in fact if you would have told me about the way I am now — I would have laughed and said  – yeah right, you have the wrong person. Move on —

I really know in my heart of hearts, that I have found my passion. My whole life I have always wondered why I didn’t have a hobby or something i was into — and here I am, 40 years old and found it a short 3 years ago.  Goes to show you – you are never too late to learn how to cartwheel, create a new you, or commit to being the best you. Sounds awfully schmultzy doesn’t it.  I just realize that if I can do this — anyone can and want to help the younger generation do it before they have all the other life pressures to contend with.

I have come a long way baby!

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