Many parents¬† — myself included like going out to dinner with our families. It can be easier than figuring out what to cook after a long day of work and then dont even talk about the actual effort you have to put forth to cook! I do cook dinner regularly at my house where we sit down as a family and eat together. I think that is the time where you can connect with each other and with very little interruptions.¬† I do like to eat out though and found this great site where you can plug in your zip code and it gives you a calendar of where kids can eat FREE by day of the week.

It’s called:

I found this information as well as a few more sites that offer the same sort of info at is a national network of frugal bloggers whose goal is to share their knowledge of living inexpensively. From dining, to travel, to grocery shopping, the Inexpensively network shares their ideas…helping you live your life, inexpensively.

Hope that helps some families out there — Happy Eating!