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Toxic Family: Are You Obligated To Help?

I’ve been dealing with some heavy shit the past few weeks and it’s been hard. I have an older family member who has been asking/expecting financial help to live because for years, he and his wife did nothing to prepare for their retirement and lived at a level that was more »

Rest in Peace Aunt Barbara

My aunt died yesterday. She was my Dad’s only sister and only sibling. I had only met her a handful of times at most in my life. Our family has a history of estrangement and other odd family relationships. My Dad and her didn’t speak more »

A Product Of Your Parents

Happy Birthday Dad Today is my Dad’s birthday. I really feel blessed that both my parents are still around and in my life. So many of my friends — as we enter into middle age have or are starting to lose their parents and the more »

Caution: Internal Construction

The Dance of Relationships I have been undergoing some self prescribed internal construction lately. I am looking into new strategies and ways to react to certain situations and people to help me improve some aspects of my personality and the way I behave when faced more »

A Moment in Time

Sunday is Krav Maga Day Busy day. Took the family to the Maryland Renaissance Fair — the place was super crowded but we made the best of it. Got to spend some fun quality time together and then got home in time for my Krav more »

Appreciate and Power Clean

Show Appreciation for All You Have Stress really does make you unwell. Starting yesterday, I have had a dull but painful headache, have had chills off and on and generally just don’t feel so hot.  Do I stop and rest? Sometimes but not this week. more »

Unplug and Reconnect with ‘Real Life’

It’s important to take time to remember the things in life that make it special. That sometimes means leaving all the digital stuff and being present in the moments you have with your family. Our roadtrip to Monticello, Williamsburg and Busch Gardens was so fun. more »

Restaurants helping combat obesity, or are they?

Restaurants to offer more-healthful fare for kids It’s something but is it really enough? Nineteen chains — including Burger King, Denny’s, IHOP, Chili’s, Friendly’s, Chevy’s and El Pollo Loco — have agreed to participate in the Kids Live Well initiative as worries increase about the more »

Marriage helps Colon Cancer Survival Rate

Marriage Improves Odds of Surviving Colon Cancer ScienceDaily (June 21, 2011) — A new study shows that being married boosts survival odds for both men and women with colon cancer at every stage of the disease. Married patients had a 14 percent lower risk of death more »

Squat Cleans

Since we had family in town this weekend, we officially moved Father’s Day to next Sunday in our house.  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do — It was so fun to have my big brother here for the weekend. I love more »