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What size are you?

One Size Fits Nobody: Seeking a Steady 4 or a 10 Every woman can tell you this  — there is no standard sizes anymore. I love that men can choose waist and length almost all the time but women — it’s just not the same. more »

Beauty Tip: Ole Henriksen

Today is a rest day — from exercise. I’ve recently discovered some great skin care products that I wanted to share. Ole Henriksen from Sephora: Nature, science, beauty, and wellness. These four key elements are behind every Ole Henriksen product, making it a total lifestyle more »

Nordstrom Uses Web to Locate Items and Increase Sales

Nordstrom Uses Web to Locate Items and Increase Sales – NYTimes.com I love Nordstrom and its customer focused philosophy. And it shows that by focusing on what the customer actually wants, not what you THINK they want is a win/win situation. Wal-Mart hoped that deeper more »

Fall Fashion – What Do Young Fashionistas Want?

Fall Fashion – What Do Young Fashionistas Want? – NYTimes.com. I love reading about fashion trends. Here’s an interesting article in the NYT about Millennials and their take on fashion this fall….what are your thoughts? There is plenty of research about the so-called Millennials — more »

Reflections on Letting Yourself Go

Sometimes when I am driving to work or out doing an errand – I will randomly notice other women that look to be close to may age. Some of them look great – while others, well they don’t look their best. In some cases, it more »

PSA: Anthropologie Sale

I love the store Anthropologie. But man, it’s expensive. So I love a good sale. A blog I read: Anthroholic is a great resource for all things Anthropologie – sale info, outfit reviews, outfit suggestions, community, and support. Anthroholic is Kim – a bonafide Anthro more »

Coach Outlet deal just in time for Mother’s day

Mother’s day is next week! Here’s a pretty good deal for those that live near Coach Factory Outlets. Most Moms would be pretty happy to receive a nice purse or some other accessory from there. They are even carrying some jewelry. Save 30% off $250+, more »

Over-Tweezing: a possible epidemic?

BrowBeat: Confessions of an Over-Tweezed Teen: Beauty Blogger: Beauty: teenvogue.com. While this article focuses on teenage males and eyebrow maintenance, I thought it would be worthwhile to broaden the scope of the discussion a bit. First a few observations to share. A few years ago more »

Adidas: Sleek, Stylish and Super Sporty

This spring, fitness based fashion is all about color and function with vibrant hues, moisture-wicking technology, slimming silhouettes and comfortable fabrics you’ll want to wear all over – not just to work on your fitness! Did you know that one of the newest trends is more »

Friday Inspirations: Fitness, Fashion & Personality

Friday’s are my exercise rest day and in my blog I  focus on more fashion/health/beauty related topics to end the work week. I was thinking about fashion and working out. I see so many people that go to the gym or workout and don’t seem more »