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CSPI helps mom sue McDonald’s over Happy Meal toys

Here’s the article to go with my post from yesterday: Parents and Mcdonalds The Checkup – CSPI helps mom sue McDonald’s over Happy Meal toys. The D.C.-based nutrition watchdog group Center for Science in the Public Interest has helped a California mother file a class-action more »

Parents and Mcdonalds

I just saw a story on GMA about a Mom suing McDonald’s because her daughter is obsessed with Happy Meals and the toys that come with it. She says its their fault with their marketing targeted towards kids and she can tell her daughter ‘No’ more »

More deceptive marketing to kids….

A Big Mac A Day Keeps The Doctor Away, McDonald’s Tells Students Welcome to nutrition class, kids! Today we’re going to be learning about how processed cheese, factory-farmed beef and iceberg lettuce fit into a healthy diet. No farmer’s market field trip today, everyone. Where more »