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Happy 11th Birthday Baby Nate

Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet, funny, stubborn, loving, sensitive little baby Nate. [WRG id=10878]

Birthday Wishes for Nate Dogg

Happy 10th BIrthday to my Nate Dogg, my challenging, cute, sweet, smart, and mischievous bundle of joy. It’s hard to believe that my youngest is now double digits. It’s another reminder of how time flies… Nate used to love to snuggle, hug and hang out with more »

Happy Birthday Baby Nate

Today is my baby Nate’s 9th birthday. He has provided our family with lots of laughs, challenges, love, and adventure. I love him more than words can ever describe and am so thankful he’s all mine. I just love to look at him sometimes and more »

You Will Not Be That Kid

You Will Not Be That Kid My son is the cutest thing out there and he knows it. He’s a blonde, green eyed charmer who knows how to use it to his advantage. He‘s also a very sweet boy, who when he stops trying to more »

Happy Birthday Baby Nate!

Happy Birthday to my “baby” Nate who turns 8 today! You have given me so many laughs and made my life very spicy! Love you!

Coach Nate: Doesn’t Have To be Fun, To Be Fun

Here’s a pic of some of the CrossFit Impavidus chicks with Coach Nate. Many of our athletes are military and have to leave for extended periods of time. Well, it’s Nate’s turn which makes me very sad. In CrossFit – you meet a lot of more »

Oh, Muscle Ups

Friday at CrossFit Impavidus is Coach’s choice. Today it was Coach Nate’s turn. Yea, Coach Nate likes running and lifting — so not hard to guess what we did. He’s a great coach — always learning and supporting your goals and he pushes you — more »

Thrusters here we come —

Happy 7th Birthday to my crazy, funny, quirky son Nate Dogg!  He has kept things in our lives super interesting and his personality has shown from day 1.   This week has been a series of very hard, challenging but great WODs at CrossFit Impavidus. more »

Sometimes you scream like a girl…

So don’t kill me but I headed to CrossFit last night. I love Nate, one of the trainers –he’s a great coach and it’s rare that I get to workout with him since he doesn’t do the morning classes, so any chance I get to more »

Nate is going Gluten Free

Clues to Gluten Sensitivity So I have heard all about gluten sensitivity. Was convinced that I have a sensitivity to it — been aligning with a Paleo view of eating — no wheat, rice, beans,anything with gluten, dairy. Fresh fruit, veggies, lean meat, nuts, berries more »