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Happy 11th Birthday Baby Nate


Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet, funny, stubborn, loving, sensitive little baby Nate.

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Birthday Wishes for Nate Dogg


312286_10150369745638741_1322630304_nHappy 10th BIrthday to my Nate Dogg, my challenging, cute, sweet, smart, and mischievous bundle of joy. It’s hard to believe that my youngest is now double digits. It’s another reminder of how time flies… Nate used to love to snuggle, hug and hang out with me and now he would much rather hang out with his dad and play video games. Getting a hug and kiss from him is a lesson in strategy and deal making. I tell him all the time that being his Mom, I am entitled to hugs and kisses whenever I want but it hasn’t changed his mind. I won’t stop trying though — some day he will realize how awesome my attempts really were.

Here are some good tips and info about raising boys:



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So Cute

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Never Waste Your Feelings on people who don't value them


Cycle Class 1 hour

Happy Birthday Baby Nate



Today is my baby Nate’s 9th birthday. He has provided our family with lots of laughs, challenges, love, and adventure. I love him more than words can ever describe and am so thankful he’s all mine. I just love to look at him sometimes and when he is upset –no lie, my heart starts to ache.  He is truly my baby – always. I don’t care if he gets to be over 6 feet tall. He will forever be Baby Nate.


You Will Not Be That Kid


You Will Not Be That Kid

My son is the cutest thing out there and he knows it. He’s a blonde, green eyed charmer who knows how to use it to his advantage. He‘s also a very sweet boy, who when he stops trying to be the class clown, is very sensitive and caring.   Now I know this all sounds like a proud momma bragging – but there is a point. He’s also a very moody, sneaky, eight year old boy who has little patience, even less impulse control and a lack of understanding of consequences. Is he like any other typical eight year old boy?  I don’t know the answer to that, but he is who he is.

We have had two incidents recently that have required me to put on my super absorbent big girl parent pants and re-enforce some clear rules and expectations of who my son will be and how he is expected to behave.

Every school has some kids that don’t necessarily fit in.  Other kids don’t necessarily take to them easily and they are awkward in social situations. As parents, we know firsthand how kids don’t have filters when it comes to letting us know how they feel.  Unless we teach them, they don’t understand the concept of empathy and being kind just because it’s the right thing to do. It’s our job as their parents to teach them how to behave.

My son was a part of a group playing with Star Wars and Transformer figures at the after school program he attends during the school year. When I arrived to pick him up, I noticed a boy sitting alone at a table clearly upset. The boy told me that the group of boys wouldn’t include him. I get that we can’t force our kids to be friends with everyone – that’s not fair to them, but we can teach them empathy and kindness.

On our way home I mentioned the incident to my son who quickly explained that he doesn’t have to be friends with everyone at school. I agreed with him, but asked him to think about how he would feel if he was that boy, and everyone around him refused to include him. I asked him to think about what feelings he would have. Would he be upset? Would he feel alone?  Would it make him cry?  What if that kid was me or another family member? Would he want someone he loves to be treated that way?  He started to tear up when he really started considering the situation.

Just this week, my precocious son and a few of his buddies said some inappropriate things to a few of the younger girls at camp. The camp counselors intervened and the boys got in trouble. My son came home denying he had anything to do with it. He swore he didn’t say it and his friend was the perpetrator and lied to get him in trouble.  He has never been disciplined for this sort of thing before, so we decided to focus on his side of the story and teach him to make better choices.  We asked him why he would want to be friends with someone that lies and gets him in trouble. To think about whether or not that is the right kind of person to befriend and hang out with?  And of course that what he said was completely inappropriate and unacceptable – period.

In closing both discussions, my husband and I made it crystal clear that he will not be that kid. The one who thinks it’s funny to pick on kids if everyone else is doing it. The one that goes along with the crowd. The one who gets in trouble for doing things that are just plain stupidWe expect more from him and will not accept anything less than empathy, kindness and some common sense.  Do I expect his behavior to change overnight? Of course not – eight year olds are not even near fully developed mentally. But I believe that if you keep repeating, reminding and living your expectations, your kids will learn who they are destined to become, eventually. 

Happy Birthday Baby Nate!


Happy Birthday to my “baby” Nate who turns 8 today! You have given me so many laughs and made my life very spicy! Love you!

Coach Nate: Doesn’t Have To be Fun, To Be Fun


Here’s a pic of some of the CrossFit Impavidus chicks with Coach Nate. Many of our athletes are military and have to leave for extended periods of time. Well, it’s Nate’s turn which makes me very sad. In CrossFit – you meet a lot of people but it’s rare that you meet someone with as much passion and heart as Nate.  He loves CrossFit, loves to coach and combined — that makes a great coach. He really gets to know his athletes, shares info, researches his methods and pushes you. I wish he was able to coach more in the mornings, since that’s the only time I can make work reliably but when I did get to workout with him — it was great. Now when I say great — annoying, hard, challenging Great.  This quote sums it up:  Doesn’t Have To be Fun, To Be Fun

I will miss Coach Nate – but because we are both passionate about this stuff, we are friends forever. Hate to break that to him, so maybe he will read it here!

Good Mornings
10 Pass thrus
10 Whirly Birds
Standing Hamstring Stretch
Sitting Hamstring Stretch

Good Mornings
Walking Handstands (w Spotter)

4 rounds for time of:
400 m Run
20 Sit-up (abmat)s
20 Good Mornings
20 Knees-to-elbows
time: 21:15 (eh, not the greatest but I will take it)

Oh, Muscle Ups


Friday at CrossFit Impavidus is Coach’s choice. Today it was Coach Nate’s turn. Yea, Coach Nate likes running and lifting — so not hard to guess what we did. He’s a great coach — always learning and supporting your goals and he pushes you — hard.

Busy weekend coming up -CrossFit cert here I come.

10 pass thrus
10 burpees
10 hollow rocks
10 iron cross
10 fire hydrants

Muscle ups
Dead Lifts

6 rounds for time of:
5 Deadlifts, (~80% 1RM)
400 m Run
3 Muscle-ups
time: 19:23

Thrusters here we come —


Happy 7th Birthday to my crazy, funny, quirky son Nate Dogg!  He has kept things in our lives super interesting and his personality has shown from day 1.


This week has been a series of very hard, challenging but great WODs at CrossFit Impavidus. There have been a bunch of skills thrust upon me that I need to work on — Coach Mark was there this morning which made for a good change of pace. Different coaches have different styles — and I like to mix it up so that I get different perspectives on my skills and workout.

run around both bldgs
10 Pass Thrus
10 Jumping Squats
10 Ring Dips
10 Burpees

Kipping Pull Up

3 Thrusters (63lbs)
3 Bar to Chest Pull ups
6 Thrusters (63lbs)
6 Bar to Chest Pull ups
9 Thrusters (63lbs)
9 Bar to Chest Pull ups
12 Thrusters (63lbs)
12 Bar to Chest Pull ups
15 Thrusters (63lbs)
15 Bar to Chest Pull ups
18 Thrusters (63lbs)
18 Bar to Chest Pull ups
21 Thrusters (63lbs)
21 Bar to Chest Pull ups

I got 4 rounds in (to 12 reps). This was TOUGH and I didn’t even do the RX’d weight. One of the atheletes, Kim, gave me a hard time about that too — but my thinking is if I am not supposed to stop and Thrusters are tough as crap, then lowering the weight to power through is the right thing to do. I still only got to 4 rounds and used the lower weight and a blue band to do the pull up. It is a tough WOD for sure!

Sometimes you scream like a girl…


So don’t kill me but I headed to CrossFit last night. I love Nate, one of the trainers –he’s a great coach and it’s rare that I get to workout with him since he doesn’t do the morning classes, so any chance I get to sneak out and go to his evening class — I do. Which now that I know what this morning’s workout was, maybe wasn’t the best idea — lots of wall ball work!

Sampson stretch
10 OHS
20 DU/40 SU
10 Good Mornings
10 Pull Ups (2 min dead hang p/ups)
10 Hollow Rocks

Handstand push up progressions

15 KB Swings 35lb
Wall Balls 14lb/10lb
9 Ring Dips (blue band)
Time: 10:11 (I think I did 6 rounds actually)

CrossFit Impavidus is catching on and we have more members than ever! Last night, we had 16 people come for the 730p class. It was packed! While we practiced our Handstand progressions, we broke up into 2 groups. You really get to know people when you have to do a tripod headstand while they all look on. There are sometimes, some positions no one needs to see you in! And — if you happen to have balance issues and you fall and scream like a girl, yeah there is no covering it up and you will be reminded of it from all of your CFI pals. I have news for them, I am a girl and sometimes, I scream like one!

Nate is going Gluten Free


Clues to Gluten Sensitivity

So I have heard all about gluten sensitivity. Was convinced that I have a sensitivity to it — been aligning with a Paleo view of eating — no wheat, rice, beans,anything with gluten, dairy. Fresh fruit, veggies, lean meat, nuts, berries — and would say I am probably 80-90% on target. I lost some weight, I feel great — and I know when I do have some bread or something that would be defined as ‘crap’ food – I can feel how it affects me in more ways than one.  But somehow, even knowing all of that — It never occurred to me that my son, Nate, maybe as well.

I read the article above and the first paragraph described my boy exactly:

Stephanie Meade’s 4-year-old daughter had constipation and threw temper tantrums.

Nate has had issues for as long as he has been around — so, finally I thought — hey why not try 2 weeks Gluten Free for him and see what happens. DUH! Why on earth did it take me this long to think about that!!! Starting yesterday, Nate went gluten free – although he ate dinner at his friends house and I told him not to eat macaroni & cheese, but guess what he ate?? Macaroni & Cheese and sure enough he has a bad stomachache.  Strange coincidence — I will keep you posted on the results.

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