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Perspective and Hope

I was really out of sorts yesterday. I had a client meeting during the day and then attended my friend Khal’s memorial/visitation. I totally broke down from the moment it started. I just couldn’t stop thinking about him and his boys. He loved his sons more »

Getting Back On The Horse

I’m back and I wish I could say I felt refreshed and raring to go this Monday –but I don’t.  The last few weeks I have felt seriously run down and all I have wanted to do is stay under the covers in my bed more »

Dynamic Effort Squatting

So today we worked on back box squats and every time we do it, someone asks me all about what benefit these have because it doesn’t feel like a strength day. Well technically it’s not but it has some major benefit to strength training: Dynamic more »

Paleo Three Ingredient Ice Cream Treat

Paleo Three Ingredient Ice Cream Treat Last night I whipped up some Paleo ice cream using three ingredients. It was super easy and a recipe I found over at Use Real Butter.com.  Here’s how I made it. Grab some fairly well ripe bananas and slice more »

Paleo Worlds Collide

When I first discovered CrossFit and Paleo eating – I came across a blog from Melissa Joulwan: The Clothes Make the Girl.  I didn’t know Melissa personally, but found her take on both topics to be really inspiring and helpful as I began to explore more »

Stop Lying To Yourself about Your Nutrition

Whole Life Challenge: Are You Being Truthful? We are headed into the second week of the Whole Life Challenge at CrossFit Impavidus and for some the first week was mind blowingly hard. For others, it has opened their eyes and they see how easy it more »

Resources to Start your Paleo Journey

Just looking into Paleo? Or doing a Whole Life Challenge for the First time? Here’s a good group of resources where you can begin your research… Practical Paleo & Primal – How to Sustainably Eat Better to Look & Feel Better Mark’s Daily Apple (Primal expert) more »

14 Best Sites to Learn About Paleo

I get asked a lot about Paleo and how to do ‘it’. With the Whole Life Challenge coming up at CFI — i am sure the questions will be the same. Top 14 Sites I use to help me stay on the Paleo track! The more »

Paleo Chicken Wings

I made these for a Paleo Potluck we had at the box last night. They were a big hit! Paleo Chicken Wings  from crossfitpaleo.com  Ingredients: 1 cup almond flour 1 teaspoon onion powder 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 1/2 teaspoon thyme 1/2 teaspoon paprika powder 1/2 teaspoon more »

Gluten Free – A Fad Diet?

What is a fad Diet? What is a fad diet? I only asked because a few commentators have suggested that gluten-free is the latest in a long line of fad diets – similar to the low carb Atkins Diet craze of a few years back, more »