So today we worked on back box squats and every time we do it, someone asks me all about what benefit these have because it doesn’t feel like a strength day. Well technically it’s not but it has some major benefit to strength training:

Dynamic effort squatting utilizes a lighter load so that you can generate maximal speed and power when driving out of the hole.

You want to squat down onto a box that allows your hips to drop as low as, if not lower than, your knees. You are not sitting on the box for any length of time. Squat down, touch, and go! The concentric motion should be an explosive hip drive ofback squatsf the box back to the standing position.

jump rope
wall balls

dynamic back box squats


  • 12×2 Dynamic Back Box Squats (95,115,125,145….)
  • Tabata Sit ups 14,13×6, 12

Busy day today at work with a live workshop on Internet Photography tools to present and also a fun lunch where I am taste testing some meals from Power Supply. I do consulting for them in social media and marketing so part of the benefit of that is getting to be one of their ‘tasters’. How lucky am I?