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A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!


It’s been a crazy busy day. I skipped my usual workout to help out CrossFit Impavidus Kids at the Family Fun Fest at Dulles Town Center. We want to get the word out about CrossFit and CrossFit Kids. We had some of our own kids and some of our athlete kids come by and did some demo workouts for the parents to see.  We had a great time but boy am I wiped out.

My friend Jason took this pic of HB and I — and he said to me “look at your arms”. I have to admit I look pretty darn strong. I am definitely not a small girl — I am strong and fit looking tho.

I’m meeting some athletes at the box tomorrow to get in a coaching session. I have been struggling with a few things and need a coach to help me figure out what my problem is.  Kipping Pull ups in particular. So – I am taking matters in my own hands and scheduled time with Sven — who has been a CrossFit coach for years. A girl’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!

Venus with Biceps


I saw a new book review that got my attention:

Venus with Biceps: A Pictorial History of Muscular Women

It definitely has not traditionally been the look of the ideal woman – strong, muscular woman. I do think the tides are turning or at least in the circles I hang out in …. CrossFit woman are strong, muscular and kick ass!

Venus with Biceps is an illustrated history of muscular women over the course of more than 100 years. It features a wealth of photographs, posters, line drawings, magazine covers, and film stills documenting the image of the strong, healthy female—an object of fascination, derision, amusement, and fetishization, depending on the era. Unlike their male counterparts, muscular women were historically not considered to be prototypes for the ideal body but more akin to circus freaks.

Strong Is The New Skinny


Love this – Strong is the New Skinny

Intimidated by CrossFit Women? That’s a Good Thing.

Strong is the new skinny, and pop culture be damned, because we will no longer be constrained with an impossible ideal. We should approach our fitness experience like any other gym-goer and not be afraid of more. Stepping up the intensity will give you results and can help you out of a training rut (stuck at the same shoulder press for the past eight months? I’ve been there!).

Signs of a Strong CrossFit Chick


Girls Don’t Have Those

A couple years ago I was in a Tai Chi class with an instructor I hadn’t met before. As I moved through the sequence, I pressed my hands outward and the instructor walked by me at just that moment. He glanced at my palms. “Those hands have seen some hard work,” he said to me…and smiled.

Pull Ups with a Kip!


It’s hard to believe it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Is it me or does time seem to be moving extra fast now a days??!! Today I’m headed for a special workout class at Plumbline Training that will focus on the pull-up. More specifically it will focus on us learning and improving the kip.  I love pull-ups and to me, it’s one of those exercises that says to me — you are strong and in shape. It reminds me of gym class and doing the presidential fitness tests — if I can do them, I am the definition of shape!

Come learn or enhance your understanding of the pullup. You’ll be taught variations (Kipping) to the pullup which may help you produce more of them during worktouts. This class is 1 hour with an optional PT workout at the end. “

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