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During my presentation to parents this week — Creating Fit Families — my friend Heidi said something that really stuck with me — she said ‘we as parents, cant afford to wait around until someone else gives us an opportunity to get our kids out there and active’. It’s up to us to do it! It’s so true — we have to set the foundation, it’s our job as their parents — and that includes leading by example. I make it a point to show Nate and Hannah that a busy person must and can still be fit and active — in fact i’ts part of a busy life. I have said this before — I am a working mom, 2 young kids, a husband — all the pressures and stress of a normal life — have had a serious illness to battle with my husband — although scary and amazingly stressful– is no different in terms of stress and hardship than many people trying to make ends meet, going thru family issues etc. You get the idea.  I made a commitment to do this for me and for my family and there are times when I have to get creative to fit it in but the point is I DO FIT IT IN. No excuse outside of a health issue gets in my way  – I mean I cant go workout in bootcamp with pink eye or strep or a chest cold ….

I want everyone who reads this to realize that the major obstacle for most us in becoming fit and healthy and staying fit and healthy is ourselves. Prolific aren’t i — ha!

Today’s workout was a good old fashion run on the trail. I did about 5.97 miles — If I knew what I was running while I was running, I would definitely push for 6. I am considering buying one of the HRM that can do distance based on gps too. Maybe a holiday gift or something…

Another Tool to measure progress: Map Your Run


It’s so much easier and goes much faster when you run with a partner — Kimmy and I met on the trail and before we knew it we finished what I just mapped as 7.9 miles. I have been using — A great website that helps you keep track of your runs, and helps you map out your runs so you can see the distance. I like knowing how far I have gone and it’s great because you can plot it exactly from your starting point — It’s another tool to gather information about your exercise history so you can track your progress — this tool, together with my heart rate monitor — I know miles ran, heart rate average and calories.

I like using all the tools to help me measure progress. It is something tangible I can look at to evaluate my progress. When I first starting running — 7.9 miles seemed impossible — unimaginable really. Today – while I wouldn’t say it was easy — I had to stop and catch my breath at times, I was not left feeling like I had to stop and go home. Kimmy and I probably could have run some more if we wanted to.

Weekend Running


It’s a gorgeous day in Northern VA. I woke up — got dressed for a run — had some water and headed out.  I sometimes use to figure out the distance I go and today I mapped it at 5.16 miles. I am telling you the weather makes such a difference in my cardio workouts. When you have asthma high humidity/heat in the summer and in the winter, cold, crisp air do a number on my breathing and as you know — Breathing is pretty important. As I have progressed in my fitness level, my overall cardio/lung capacity has gotten so much better but it still challenges me on a regular basis.

I use 2 different inhalers to help me — a steroid one called Qvar I use 2x a day (when I remember) and then right before or during/after I use Combivent.  When used consistently – they really do make a huge difference. Also — I tend to start to panic when I begin to breathe heavy where I need to catch my breath. I am working on pushing through in most cases because for the most part – it’s more out of habit and conditioning than an actual sign of an asthma attack.

I have a lot to do today around the house. With family in town and the kids off to camps this past week — my house is a wreck and I need to get it back to the half wreck it normally is. Look – I am not a super woman and have prioritized thing that are important to me and a super, clutter free, dust free home is just not at the top of my priority list.

Have a great day and do at least one 20 min session of something cardio today — 100 push-ups, 100 crunches, or 20 min walk. It’s not a lot to ask for and you will feel so much better if you get your body movin!

Post Rest and Recovery Run


So after a 4 day forced rest period – I got back to my routine with a scheduled run with my pal Kimmy. We met on the trail and I felt great. Together we did 6.5miles – it was a great morning weather wise. Lots of people on the trail. What a difference running with someone else makes – it was the perfect way to get back into it.  I think it really has made a difference. I was not fatigued and actually feel refreshed.

Kimmie the Master

Kimmy - my running partner

Thank you to Kimmy for running with me this morning! I couldn’t have asked for a better post rest run partner!

Get out there and be active today. The weather is too nice for excuses!

Results are in


68th out of 90 racers.  I’m pretty happy with my standing – first trail race, heat, humidity, bee stings, asthma sinus infection — and still finished proudly. I would have been proud to just finish to be honest!

A wonderful morning!


I went for a run this morning with 2 of my favorite ladies. We met at Partlows on the W&OD Trail and did 4 miles together – I ran .5 mi there and back to meet them.  It certainly makes the time go by faster and the run seem easier when you have good company.

One cool thing I saw this morning on the trail -a group of kids with some adults running. I am not sure if it was a school track team or a dedicated Kids’ Fitness program but whatever it was – how great it was to see at 8a – kids working on their fitness!

The weekend is looking to be busy for the family. We have soccer, parties, friend play dates, laundry, cleaning, resting, recovering, exercise.

A relaxing weekend…


I wanted to get a run in early because it’s supposed to be highs in the 90s today.  I headed out and one of my neighbors told me about this cut through that will take me directly on the trail.  I have lived in my neighborhood for 11 years and never knew about this — I am excited. I know i have mentioned that I wouldn’t take the trail solo if I didn’t have to but there were a ton of people on the trail this morning so I felt it was ok.  I did about 3 miles. It wasn’t my best run but I did it. It was so hot and I didn’t have any water with me. I think if I did, I would have held out a bit longer.  I have a waist belt that holds a bottle of water so maybe I will try that out.

Nate and Grant’s party was a success. Those boys love hanging out with each other and the rest of the boys were great. It still is draining having to host that sort of thing even when you are sharing the job with someone else.  We then headed home and then had a friend’s 40th birthday party celebration to attend. The kids had one of their favorite babysitters and we headed out for a lovely evening with friends.  I have been eating non-stop so I am not looking forward to hitting the scale tomorrow morning. I am lucky I am not a drinker — the combo of drinking and the food — would be a disaster this weekend.

Today is busy too. I have lunch plans with some friends, then Nate and his pals are headed to the park to play a game of pickup football. I just want to rest!

hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

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