Combatives Camp with Tony Blauer

This coming weekend I will be attending the Combatives Camp with Tony Blauer Aug 4-5 at CrossFit Rubicon. I’m really excited to learn and meet all the amazing, inspiring people that are coming and not just the ‘special’ guests. The CrossFit community is comprised of amazing, experienced athletes from all walks of life. Going to a workshop or seminar with them is one of the best experiences and you come away with new friends and new skills.  I’m really excited…

I want to encourage the women out there to not shy away from workshops like this. Yes, they market mostly to guys but the skills learned during them is invaluable whether you are male or female. You really learn how to leverage mental skills with physical approaches to protecting yourself that can be used professionally and personally. Don’t be deterred by predominantly male tone to the marketing. Trust me –  you will come away from the weekend with a lot more knowledge and a sense of empowerment and feeling like a bad ass. Who doesn’t want to feel like a bad ass?

I had trouble sleeping last night. I don’t know if it’s the dark chocolate covered banana I had before bed or what. I am going to go treat free in the evenings for a few days to see if my sleep improves. What I am eating usually is the reason I am having issues so I am going right to the source.

And I woke up to face ANNIE – one of the nasty girls of CrossFit.

800m run

double under practice


  • Double Unders
  • Sit Ups

time: 11:27 (improved my overall time from last attempt: Annie

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